Saint Simon

Also known as

  • Simeon



A relative of Jesus, possibly a first cousin. He is mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew, and was one of the 72 disciples. He was present at the Ascension, and is one of the brethren of Christ mentioned in Acts who was present at the birth of the Church on the first Pentecost. Reported to have been at the martyrdom of Saint James the Lesser, he was chosen to succeed James as bishop of Jerusalem where he served for over 40 years. In 66, before the city fell to the Romans, the Christians received a divine warning, and evacuated to nearby Pella with Simon as their leader. In the aftermath of the destruction of Jerusalem, Simon led the Christians back to the city where they flourished, performed miracles, and converted many. Simon was eventually arrested, tortured and martyred for the twin crimes of being Jewish and Christian during the persecutions of Trajan.



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