Blessed Maria Vicenta of Saint Dorothy Chavez Orozco

30 July
Youngest of four, and as a child was known for her devotion to the Infant Jesus, making little altars, asking other children to pray with her.

Her neighborhood was the Mexicaltzingo, inhabited by poor and unskilled workers, and her parish priest was Father Agustin Beas. Devoted to the infirm poor, Father Beas set up six beds in a room of his rectory, called it Holy Trinity Hospital, and the sick were cared for by the women of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society.

On 20 February 1892 Vicentita entered this hospital with pleurisy, and there received the inspiration to dedicate her live to God in the person of the poor and the sick. By 10 July 1892 she had recovered, and returned to the hospital to begin her life of charity.

She took private vows with Catalina Velasco and Juana Martin del Campo in 1895. On 12 May 1905 she founded the Congregation of the Servants of the Poor, later renamed the Servants of the Holy Trinity and the Poor. She made her canonical profession in 1911, and was named Superior General in 1913, a service she performed for 30 years, fervent in prayer, seeing obedience as the greatest form of sacrifice.

In 1914, during the Mexican Revolution, Carranza's troops commandeered Guadalajara's cathedral, and imprisoned priests and religious, including the Servants. In 1926 Saint Vincent's Hospital in Zapotlan was turned into a military headquarters; the Servents ignored the danger, caring for the wounded, and insuring they received reconciliation and Communion. The faith and hard work of the Servants paid off over the years with abundant vocations and 17 new hospitals, clinics and nurseries.

At age 75, Mother Vicentita began to have eye and other health trouble, but was the still first in chapel each morning at 4:00, but on 29 July 1949 did not appear. The chaplain anointed her, and Archbishop Jose Garibi Rivera, Mexico's first Cardinal, heard her confession and celebrated Mass. At the elevation of the Host, Mother Vicentita dropped into death like a baby falling asleep.
6 February 1867 at Cotija, Michoacan, Mexico as Vicenta Chavez Orozco
30 July 1949 at Holy Trinity Hospital, Guadalajara, Mexico
9 November 1997 by Pope John Paul II
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