Venerable Vincent Cimatti

[photograph of Venerable Vincent]
Also known as
Vincenzo Cimatti
Raised in a pious family; his brother became a priest, his sister a nun. His father died when Vincent was three years old. Studied at the Salesian Oratory near his home, and joined the Salesians himself at age 16. Studied science, philosophy and music. Leader of a group of Salesian missionaries to Japan in 1925. Prefect Apostolic over the missions in 1934. Salesian Provincial in 1937. Bishop. Oversaw the Salesian work during the reconstruction in Japan after World War II. Forced to retire due to age in 1949, Vincent became Rector of the Salesian house in Chofu where he taught, gardened, and ministered to his brothers.
15 July 1871 in Faenza, Romagna, Italy
6 October 1965 following complications from a stroke suffered while celebrating Mass in 1957
21 December 1991 by Pope John Paul II
pending; if you have information relevant to the beatification of Venerable Vincent, contact:
   Salesian Provincial House
   Wakaba 1-22-12
   Shinjuuku-ku, 160 Tokyo, JAPAN
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