Saint Adamnan: Life of Saint Columba, Founder of Hy
Book I: Of His Prophetic Revelations
Chapter IV: Of the arrival of Saint Cainnech, the Abbot, who had been previously announced in prophecy by Saint Columba
At another time, in the Iouan island (Hy, now Iona), on a day when the tempest was fierce and the sea was exceedingly boisterous, the saint, as he sat in the house, gave orders to his brethren, saying, "Prepare the guest-chamber quickly, and draw water to wash the strangers' feet."

One of the brethren upon this inquired: "Who can cross the Sound safely, narrow though it be, on so perilous and stormy a day?"

The saint, on hearing this, thus made answer, "The Almighty has given a calm even in this tempest to a certain holy and excellent man, who will arrive here among us before evening." And lo! the same day, the ship for which the brethren had some time been looking out arrived, according to the saint's prediction, and brought Saint Cainnech. The saint went forth with the brethren to meet him and received him with all honour and hospitality. But the sailors who had been with Saint Cainnech, when they were asked by the brethren what sort of a voyage they had had, told them, even as Saint Columba had predicted, about both the tempest and the calm which God had given in the same sea and at the same time, with an amazing distinction between the two. The tempest they saw at a distance, yet they said they did not feel it.
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