her page and secretary

freely translated out of the ancient French into modern English from the original unpublished manuscript in the National Archives of France
in reality, a novel by Mark Twan

Table of Contents

Introductory Material Book I - IN DOMREMY
  1. When Wolves Ran Free in Paris
  2. The Faëry Tree of Domremy
  3. All Aflame with Love of France
  4. Joan Tames the Mad Man
  5. Domremy Pillaged and Burned
  6. Joan and Archangel Michael
  7. She Delivers the Divine Command
  8. Why the Scorners Relented
  1. Joan Says Good-By
  2. The Governor Speeds Joan
  3. The Paladin Groans and Boasts
  4. Joan Leads Us Through the Enemy
  5. We Pierce the Last Ambuscades
  6. Joan Convinces the King
  7. Our Paladin in His Glory
  8. Joan Persuades the Inquisitors
  9. She Is Made General-in-Chief
  10. The Maid's Sword and Banner
  11. The War March Is Begun
  12. Joan Puts Heart in Her Army
  13. Checked by the Folly of the Wise
  14. What the English Answered
  15. My Exquisite Poem Goes to Smash
  16. The Finding of the Dwarf
  17. Sweet Fruit of Bitter Truth
  18. Joan's First Battle-Field
  19. We Burst In Upon Ghosts
  20. Joan Makes Cowards Brave Victors
  21. She Gently Reproves Her Dear Friend
  22. The Fate of France Decided
  23. Joan Inspires the Tawdry King
  24. Tinsel Trappings of Nobility
  25. At Last - Forward!
  26. The Last Doubts Scattered
  27. How Joan Took Jargeau
  28. Joan Foretells Her Doom
  29. Fierce Talbot Reconsiders
  30. The Red Field of Patay
  31. France Begins to Live Again
  32. The Joyous News Flies Fast
  33. Joan's Five Great Deeds
  34. The Jests of the Burgundians
  35. The Heir of France is Crowned
  36. Joan Hears News from Home
  37. Again to Arms
  38. The King Cries "Forward!"
  39. We Win, but the King Balks
  40. Treachery Conquers Joan
  41. The Maid Will March No More
  1. The Maid in Chains
  2. Joan Sold to the English
  3. Weaving the Net About Her
  4. All Ready to Condemn
  5. Fifty Experts Against a Novice
  6. The Maid Baffles Her Persecutors
  7. Craft That Was in Vain
  8. Joan Tells of Her Visions
  9. Her Sure Deliverance Foretold
  10. The Inquisitors at Their Wit's End
  11. The Court Reorganized for Assassination
  12. Joan's Master-Stroke Diverted
  13. The Third Trial Fails
  14. Joan Struggles with Her Twelve Lies
  15. Undaunted by Threat of Burning
  16. Joan Stands Defiant Before the Rack
  17. Supreme in Direst Peril
  18. Condemned Yet Unafraid
  19. Our Last Hopes of Rescue Fail
  20. The Betrayal
  21. Respited Only for Torture
  22. Joan Gives the Fatal Answer
  23. The Time Is at Hand
  24. Joan the Martyr
Consider this unique and imposing distinction. Since the writing of human history began, Joan of Arc is the only person, of either sex, who has ever held supreme command of the military forces of a nation at the age of seventeen.

Authorities examined in verification of the truthfulness of this narrative:

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