Saint Therese on Suffering
photograph of Saint Therese of Lisieux I have noticed that the experience of suffering makes us king and indulgent toward others because it is suffering that draws us near to God.

Trials help us detach ourselves from the earth; they make us look higher than this world. Here below nothing can satisfy us. One cannot enjoy a moment's rest save in constant readiness to do the will of God.

Life passes so quickly that it is better to have a most splendid crown in heaven and a little suffering than an ordinary crown and no suffering.

I realize that one will love the good God better for all eternity because suffering borne with joy! And, by suffering one can save souls...

Sanctity lies not in saying beautiful things, or even in thinking them, or feeling them; it lies in truly being willing to suffer.

It is so sweet to serve our Lord in the night of trial; we have only this life to practice the virtue of faith.

I suffer much but do I suffer well? That is the important thing.

from Prayers and Meditations of Therese of Lisieux
[we showed her a picture of Joan of Arc in prison] The saints encourage me, too, in my prison. They tell me: As long as you are in irons, you cannot carry out your mission; but later on, after your death, this will be the time for your works and your conquests.

from the notes of Mother Agnes
I'm suffering only for an instant. It's because we think of the past and the future that we become discouraged and fall into despair.

from the notes of Mother Agnes
Well, it's better to have several sicknesses together as long as one has to suffer very much and in all parts. It's like a journey on which we bear with all sorts of inconveniences, knowing very well that these will end promptly, and that once the goal is attained, we will enjoy ourselves all the more.

from the notes of Mother Agnes
[flies tormented her, but she wouldn't kill them] I always give them freedom. They alone have caused me misery during my sickness. I have no enemies, and since God recommends that we pardon our enemies, I'm happy to find this opportunity for doing so.

from the notes of Mother Agnes
I have found happiness and joy on earth, but solely in suffering, for I've suffered very much here below; you must make it known to souls . . . "Since my First Communion, since the time I asked Jesus to change all the consolations of this earth into bitterness for me, I had a perpetual desire to suffer.* I wasn't thinking, however, of making suffering my joy; this is a grace that was given to me later on. Up until then, it was like a spark hidden beneath the ashes, and like blossoms on a tree that must become fruit in time. But seeing my blossoms always falling, that is, allowing myself to fall into tears whenever I suffered, I said to myself with astonhisment and sadness: But I will never go beyond the stage of desires!

from the notes of Mother Agnes
This evening, when you told me that Dr. de Cornière believed I still had a month or more to live, I couldn't get over it! It was so different from yesterday when he was saying that I had to be anointed that very day! However, it left me in deep peace. What does it matter if I remain a long time on earth? If I suffer very much and always more, I will not fear, for God will give me strength; He'll never abandon me.

from the notes of Mother Agnes

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