Venerable Engelmar Unzeitig

[Venerable Engelmar Unzeitig]
Also known as

  • Angel of Dachau
  • Hubert Unzeitig


Professed priest in the Congregation of Missionaries of Mariannhill, ordained in 1939 and taking the name Engelmar. Parish priest in Glöckelberg, Czech Republic. Arrested by the Nazi Gestapo on 21 April 1941 for the crime of being a priest, he was sent to the Dachau concentration camp where he ministered to other prisoners. He learned Russian so he could minister to prisoners from Eastern Europe. He volunteered to tend to prisoners suffering from typhoid and died of the disease himself.





  • if you have information relevant to the beatification of Venerable Engelmar, contact
       Dr Andrea Ambrosi
       Missionari di Mariannhill
       Via San Giovanni Eudes, 91
       00163 Roma, ITALY


Whatever we do, whatever we want, is surely simply the grace that carries us and guides us. God’s almighty grace helps us overcome obstacles.

Love doubles our strength, makes us inventive, makes us feel content and inwardly free. If people would only realise what God has in store for those who love him!

Even behind the hardest sacrifices and worst suffering stands God with his Fatherly love, who is satisfied with the good will of his children and gives them and others happiness.’

- from letters written from the Dachau concentration camp by Father Engelmar to his sister

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