Venerable Pio Alberto del Corona


Joined the Dominicans on 3 November 1859. Priest, ordained on 5 February 1860. Titular bishop of Draso and co-adjutor bishop of San Miniato, Italy on 21 December 1874; bishop of San Miniato from 2 February 1897 till retirement on 30 August 1907. Founded the Dominican Sisters of the Holy Spirit. Titular archbishop of Serdica on 30 August 1907.





  • on 17 September 2014 Pope Francis promulugated a decree of a miracle received through the intervention of Venerable Pio
  • if you have information relevant to this Cause, contact
       Rev. Vito Tomás Gómez García, OP
       Domenicane dello Spirito Santo
       Via Bolognese, 111
       50139 Firenze, ITALY

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